Writing by Multimedia Communication students

Bethany Oh's Artices

Capturing a Slice of Santa Barbara Life

Bethany Oh (2023) published numerous articles in The Santa Barbara Independent as a part of her internship, conducting interviews and writing reviews of local Santa Barbara delights.

Aanya Sharma's Blog

Just a Lefty Doing Some Writing

Drawing inspiration from her colorful Brand Style Guide, Aanya Sharma (2021) created a blog-style website that includes inisghtful articles paired with fun graphics.

Naomi Blik Seven of the Sea

This Is ‘Seven of the Sea,’ a Film About 7 Young Women Who Bonded in the Ocean

Naomi Blik (2021) published this article in The Intertia about her original short film, which captures her personal story as a surfer girl.

Beyond Bills The Power of Paper Miya Herzstein 2020

Beyond Bills: The Power of Paper

Miya Herzstein (2020) published this lovely essay on origami, healing, and agency in The Daily Nexus.

Susie Q’s Barbeque Seasonings Deliver Santa Maria to You Shannon Ponn 2020

Susie Q’s Barbeque Seasonings Deliver Santa Maria to You

Shannon Ponn (2020) interned as a Food and Drink writer at The Independent; this article on Susie Q’s describes a Santa Maria company that produces spice blends and seasonings.

Apathy in University Elections Madison Terry 2020

Apathy in University Elections Not Reflected in U.S. National Elections

This is an article Madison Terry (2020) wrote during her time as a campus correspondent for The College Post. In the article she breaks down the difference between student response to on-campus elections and their response to national elections.

Nice Guys Her Campus Isabelle Lee 2019

Why "Nice Guys" are the Actual Worst

This Her Campus article by Isabelle Lee (2019) embodies both Isabelle's relatable voice and passion for social commentary. Consisting of both interviews and analysis of male entitlement over women, this article is a strong example of using words as a catalyst for change.

Daniel Carroll Spoons Independent 2019

"Hi This Is Flume" Arrives in Time for Spring

Daniel Carroll (2019) interviews the director of "Spoons," a film that explores how Santa Barbara became the surf industry's Mecca for surfboard innovation. It was chosen to be the featured film for the closing night at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in 2019.

Alexandra Lee SB Life & Style Magazine Photo

The Real Deal

Alexandra Lee (2022) wrote several articles for Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine. In this article, she interviews Kyle Richards, a star of the show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who speaks on the challenges of motherhood and living a life on camera.

Esther Liu UCSB Social Media

UCSB Social Media Best Practices

As a Social Media Coordinator for UCSB Office of Public Affairs and Communications, Esther Liu (2021) wrote the copy for the social media best practices site page.

Dissect Nexus Zoe Jones 2019

"Dissect" Is the Music Podcast We All Needed

Published in the Artsweek section of the Daily Nexus, Zoe Jones (2019) writes about the music podcast Dissect. She interviewed the host Cole Cuchna and got his insight on music analysis and turning passion projects into a full-time job.

Flume Austin Fauni 2019 nexus

An interview with Wyatt Daily, the Director of "Spoons: A Santa Barbara Story"

Austin Fauni (2019) reviews Australian DJ, Flume's, newest mixtape and the visualizer that accompanies it. He discusses Flume's success in championing new sounds and creating a cohesive audible and visual narrative.

Naomi Zaldate Kyles Kitchen Independent 2017

Kyle's Kitchen

In this article, Naomi Zaldate (2017) broadcasts the grand opening of Kyle’s Kitchen’s second location in downtown Santa Barbara with savory burgers provided for the community. This is one of many articles that Naomi wrote as an intern with The Independent.

UCSB Zaytoons Kelli Filbin Daily Nexus 2017

Zaytoon's Hiddent Secrets

In this piece published in the Daily Nexus, Kelli Filbin (2017) elaborates on the gorgeous ambience and delectable foods found at Zaytoon in downtown Santa Barbara.

Sarah Chan Yardi Space Race 2017

Space Race 2.0

During her internship for Yardi, Sarah Chan wrote this article about the new era of space exploration with the rise of technology led by both SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Mable Truong hobbies relaxing her campus 2019

8 Relaxing Hobbies for the Creative and Aesthetic Mind

Written by Mable Truong (2019) and recognized by Her Campus national as article of the week because of its relevance to the female collegiate audience, this article is basically a description of Mable's Pinterest boards.

Laura Delamare injury-causing household products

Injury-Causing Household Products

This is a story written by Laura Delamare (2016) that was picked up by Yahoo Health. She used annual injury reports from 1997-2014 to calculate the average number of injuries caused by a product in a given year. (Photo by Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash.)

Taylor Johnson Santa Barbara Magazine Cake Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Receives Montecito Award

While interning at Santa Barbara Magazine, Taylor Johnson (2016) had the opportunity to write a press release on Jennifer Aniston receiving the prestigious Montecito Award.

Farmers Market Flyer Alyssa Pace

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of the Internet

This piece was written by Matthew Meyer (2016) during his internship with the Daily Nexus. In his article, he discusses the issue of access to the Internet during the Arab Spring. (Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash.)

Loatree National park Alyssa Pace

Show your support for the national parks

During National Park Week at LoaTree, Alyssa Pace wrote an article highlighting the significance of national parks. (Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Unsplash.)

Alyssa Pace Loatree women make waves

Women Make Waves

During her time as an intern for LoaTree, Alyssa Pace (2016) wrote this piece to encourage others to attend an evening listening to the words of powerful female eco-leaders.