Awesome Accomplishments by Alumni

Julia Marsh

CEO of Sway

Julia Marsh is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sway, a California-based clean tech startup scaling next generation packaging made from seaweed. Sway's patent-pending materials match the vital performance attributes of plastic packaging and are designed to plug into existing infrastructure, enabling scale and competitive pricing. Unlike plastic, however, our materials are made from an abundant, carbon-sequestering resource and decompose into healthy soil after use. Prior to founding Sway, Julia spent nearly a decade building brand and packaging systems for consumer goods companies, technology startups, and design studios around the world. Her work is driven by a deep passion for regenerative design and biological circularity.

As a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, UN Global Compact, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, and 1% for the Planet, Sway is working holistically to scale their product for a thriving, equitable future.

Daniel Eyal, a graduate of Harvard Law and UCSB, is a proud first-generation student and professional. After graduating UCSB with a major in Global Studies and minors in Professional Writing and Spanish, Daniel embarked on a career in politics and government. His first stop was D.C., where he served as an intern in the Obama White House. Then, Daniel returned to his hometown of Los Angeles to work on political campaigns and on the L.A. City Council.

At Harvard Law, he participated in the Public Service Leaders program and various student organizations and journals, and interned at the Department of Justice. Daniel plans on balancing his time working at a law firm with his passion of bringing diverse people together to solve complicated problems and create value in the world.

Throughout his time after undergrad, Daniel relied greatly on the skills and world-class training he received at UCSB, especially from the Professional Writing program. It is so critical to be an effective communicator, and it was through his classes, mentorships, and internships while in school that Daniel learned how to use his voice. Daniel is always happy to help any member of the UCSB community, and students are free to reach out to him via LinkedIn.

Erika Carlos

Journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle

Erika Carlos is a multimedia journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle. The Professional Writing minor helped her develop a diverse skill set and work samples that helped her snag an internship at the local newspaper, Santa Barabara Independent. Since then, Erika has produced short videos, podcasts, newsletters and other types of digital storytelling. In current role as Audience Editor of Strategy and Off-Platform, Erika helps the Chronicle tell stories in non-traditional formats and reach new audiences across digital platforms.

Lucas Ryden

Founder of Cool Hand Co.

Lucas Ryden is the founder of Cool Hand Co. - a San Diego beverage company specializing in seasonal fruit and botanical syrups called shrubs. Lucas began bartending while in college at UCSB and fell in love with using local ingredients from the farmers market, but found it difficult to rely on them for cocktail menus. After experimenting with different preservation methods Lucas decided shrubs were the perfect medium for adding fresh, organic flavors to drinks without the addition of artificial ingredients or stabilizers. He began sourcing ingredients from local farms in his hometown of San Diego and macerating them with organic apple cider vinegar and sugar, before bottling for everyone’s enjoyment. The brand is a reference to his college nickname - as Lucas was always whipping up the coolest drinks at the party. When he isn’t making shrubs or shaking drinks he loves to spend his free time outdoors, mostly surfing and cruising local hiking trails.