Designs by Multimedia Communication students

A beaming young lady wearing sunglasses against a fuschia background, with digital distortion effects

Aanya Sharma Website

Aanya Sharma (2021) designed a bold and colorful website based on her Brand Style Guide.

Lila Singh Suicide Awareness Infographic

Suicide Awareness

Lila Singh (2023) designed a suicide awarness infographic outlining risk factors, signs of emotional distress, ways to support and more.

Anne Payaril Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Anne Payaril (2022) designed a personal Brand Style Guide inspired by her experience living in different cities. It features decoupage style black and white photos with eclectic pops of color.

A cream colored tote bag with a graphic of Storke Tower and palm trees, with 'Volunteer Week' printed across the top

CAB bag

This design was made by Mable Truong (2019) for CAB's volunteer week and was printed on tote bags to distribute for conventions. She incorporated their colors and the Storke Tower when they requested a more modern design on volunteer week.

A photograph of a sticker on top of a toilet paper dispenser that reads 'Slow Your Roll!

Toilet Roll sticker

EAB board asked Mable Truong (2019) to design a sticker that would be placed on toilet paper roll dispensers all throughout UCSB restrooms, reminding people to "Slow their roll"! Design assisted in environmental awareness and is making a change on campus!

A grainy shot of the Del Playa wooden beach staircase and a man lounging across the banister, with text that advertises the Catalyst Launch Party

Catalyst flyer

Jasmine Benafghoul (2019) created this flyer in preparation for The Catalyst Issue 17 Launch Party and Exhibition for Spring 2019. The flyer uses a photo taken in Isla Vista and funky aesthetic to reflect the IV themed issue.

A watercolor-style side profile of a young woman with an Afro, against a bright red backgroynd with brush strokes

Black History Month graphic

This design was created by Talia Wun-Young (2018) for SurfMedia Communication's social media for Black History Month. It consists of Angela Davis's silhouette and quote in a design infused with bright colors and typography.

Cute Asian-inspired Emojis By Vivian Hsiao

Vivian Hsiao Portfolio

As a Multimedia student and Communication major, Vivian Hsiao's (2023) portfolio has ranged from designing cute and creative cartoons to professional photography for companies and graphic design for the UCSB Communication Department.

UCSB Excursion Club logo by Rachel Johnson. Mustard yellow transitions to deep ocean blue against the silhouette of crashing waves, lush forest trees and towering mountains.

Excursion Club Logo

As part of a team project, Rachel Johnson (2017) designed this logo to represent multiple activities of the UCSB Excursion Club. The color scheme and style of the logo depict the club's connection to nature and the great outdoors.

Topa Topa Brewing Company flyer Kirsten Mancini. An aerial shot of a cozy full bar and neon Topa Topa sign.

Topa Topa Flyer

Kirsten Mancini (2017) designed this promotional flyer for Topa Topa Brewing Company.

Farmers Market Flyer Alyssa Pace. Watercolor renderings of lettuce and beets adorn an informative flyer for the UCSB Farmers Market.

Farmers Market Flyer

Designed by Alyssa Pace (2016) in Adobe InDesign, this flyer advertises the Farmers Market held on campus.

Loatree Flyer Alyssa Pace.

Loatree Flyer

Another flyer designed by Alyssa Pace (2016), this flyer provides information about LoaCom, where Alyssa worked while at UCSB and after graduating.

Calming sage green front cover with rolling white clouds and an illustrative letter A bedecked by a crescent moon

Brand Style Guide

Alyssa Long (2021) designed a personal Brand Style Guide that features etheral original illustrations.

A portrait of a young man framed by three stark black flying crows, juxtaposed by a striking cobalt blue sunset


Photo by Morey Spellman (2016)--and featuring Morey Spellman, who is working now as a professional photographer in Los Angeles.

Anna Constantino Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Anna Constantino (2022) designed a Brand Style Guide drawing inspiration from pop art and neo-expressionist movements.

Julia Marsh IV Coop flyer redesign

IV Coop Flyer Redesign

Julia Marsh (2015) created a series of flyers/postcards for the Isla Vista Coop featuring closeups of produce and a bold color palette.

Julia Marsh Minor Info Session flyer 2015

2015 Minor Info Session Flyer

The flyer for the 2015 Professional Writing Minor Info Session was created by Julia Marsh.

Kirsten Frank Minor Info Session flyer 2014

2014 Minor Info Session Flyer

Kirsten Frank (2014) designed the flyer for the Minor Info Session

Dean Tambling Minor Info Session flyer 2011

2011 Minor Info Session Flyer

In a classy typographic black-and-white design, Dean Tambling created the first Minor Info Session flyer.

UCSB Excursion Club logo by Kelli Filbin

Excursion Club Logo

Another logo designed for the UCSB Excursion Club, and currently in use at their website, this one was created by Kelli Filbin (2017). It evokes the "get stoked" motto of the club.